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Disclosure (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2008

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The Disclosure (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2008


THE STATES, in pursuance of their Resolution of the 30th October 2008[a], and in exercise of the powers conferred on them by section 14 of the Disclosure (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2007[b], hereby order:-


Amendment of Disclosure Law.

1.      The Disclosure (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2007 is hereby amended, in section 4(1)(a)(i) and (ii), by inserting the words "or will be" immediately after the words "has been" in each place where they occur.



2.      (1)      The Interpretation (Guernsey) Law, 1948[c] applies to the interpretation of this Ordinance throughout the Bailiwick of Guernsey.


(2)      Any reference in this Ordinance to an enactment is a reference thereto as from time to time amended, re-enacted (with or without modification), extended or applied.



3.      This Ordinance has effect throughout the Bailiwick of Guernsey.



4.      This Ordinance may be cited as the Disclosure (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2008.



5.      This Ordinance shall come into force on the 26th November 2008.



Article VI of Billet d'√Čtat No. XIII of 2008.


Order in Council No. XVI of 2007.


Ordres en Conseil Vol. XIII, p. 355.