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Unreported Judgments


This Series consists of reasoned Judgments or Jugements motiv├ęs handed down by the Royal Court, the Court of Appeal and the Magistrate's Court and issued by HM Greffier in electronic (PDF) format.  Some are later selected for publication in full or in note form in the Guernsey Law Reports.

Judgments in matrimonial and family cases, especially those involving minors, are issued in anonymised form.

This section also contains the Court of Appeal Judgments from 1964 to 1989.

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Subsequent Publication in the Guernsey Law Reports (GLR)
To check  whether an Unreported Judgment has subsequently been reported or noted in the GLR, go to Guernsey Law Reports - Cases Reported and Cited.  To date, the GLR has published decisions for the years 2003 to Part 1 of 2011.