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Reform (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2020

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The Reform (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2020

THE STATES, in pursuance of their Resolutions of the 15th April, 2020a and the 21st May, 2020 have approved the following provisions which, subject to the Sanction of Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council, shall have force of law in the Islands of Guernsey, Herm and Jethou.


Amendment of the Reform Law.

1. (1) Subject to section 3 (expiry), the Reform (Guernsey) Law, 1948b is amended as follows.

(2) In Article 26(2), Article 30(2), and in Article 29 each time it appears, for "2020" substitute "2021".

(3) At the start of paragraph (2) of Article 29 insert "Subject to paragraph (2A),", and after paragraph (2) insert -

"(2A) A casual vacancy in the office of Deputy occurring before the General Election to be held in 2021 shall not be filled by election.".

(4) After paragraph (3) of Article 29 insert -

"(4) The States may from time to time by Ordinance modify the application of this Article, and any other provision in this Part, for the purpose of enabling a General Election to be held at a time other than as provided for in paragraph (1).

(5) The provisions of Article 3(5) (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the proviso thereto) apply in relation to an Ordinance under paragraph (4) as those provisions apply in relation to a Projet de Loi intended to repeal or vary any of the provisions of this Law.".


Amendment of the States Reform (Guernsey) Law, 2015.

2. Section 1 (General Election: 2016) of the States (Reform) Guernsey Law, 2015c is repealed.



3. The amendments to Article 29 of the Reform (Guernsey) Law, 1948 made by section 1(3) shall cease to have effect on 1st January, 2022.



4. This Law may be cited as the Reform (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2020.



5. This Law shall come into force on the day of its registration on the Records of the Island of Guernsey.


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