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No in Annual Series
[2019]GRC00225/01/2019De La Haye v The Law Officers of the Crown Royal CourtAppeal against conviction.
[2019]GRC00318/02/2019In the matter of the Arasbridge Unit Trust Royal CourtApplication for a Preliminary Order, a number of Declarations and a number of Directions, in connection with the winding up of a Fund and sub-Funds.
[2019]GRC00406/02/2019Smith v Carey OlsenRoyal CourtRepresentation application
[2019]GRC00511/02/2019A Taxpayer v Director of Income TaxRoyal CourtApplication to set aside a Notice issued by the Director of Income Tax
[2019]GRC00612/02/2019Liang v RBC Trustees (Guernsey) LimitedRoyal CourtSupplementary judgment dealing with the form of relief that should be granted to the Plaintiff in light of further information provided by the Defendant
[2019]GRC00720/02/2019Smith v Carey Olsen Royal CourtApplication for Leave to Appeal
[2019]GRC00805/03/2019Gomoll v RuggaberRoyal CourtApplication to declare a service of Summons invalid and that the proceedings described in the Summons have neither been commenced nor are deemed to have been commenced
[2019]GRC00913/03/2019Public Trustee v Red River Properties Limited and Others Royal CourtApplication seeking to establish pension scheme assets and to secure ownership
[2019]GRC01018/03/2019Bookless v The Law Officers of the Crown Royal CourtAppeal in relation to Special Reasons and Sentence
[2019]GRC01120/03/2019Rusnano Capital AG (in liquidation) v Molard International (Ptc) Limited and Pullborough Int CorpRoyal CourtApplication for a Trust to be terminated and the Trust Fund to be distributed
[2019]GRC01225/03/2019A W Holdings Corp v The Constables of The Castel Parish and HM Procureur and HM Receiver Royal CourtProceedings to clarify the title of land, an action for trespass and to recover compensation for damage to the land
[2019]GRC01327/02/2019A and C v PQ, RS and T Trustees Limited Royal CourtApplication to vary the terms of a Trust.
[2019]GRC01412/04/2019Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited v Conway OthersCourt of Appeal Appeal against decision that Directors' were not in breach of their duty of skill and care or of their fiduciary duty.
[2019]GRC01523/04/2019In the matter of: Highbridge Investments LP, IncRoyal Court Application for restoration of a Company and the appointment of joint liquidators