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Open Market Housing Register Ordinance, 2017

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The Open Market Housing Register Ordinance, 2017
THE STATES, in pursuance of their Resolution of the 8th March, 2017[a], and in exercise of the powers conferred on them by sections 24 and 32 of the Open Market Housing Register (Guernsey) Law, 2016[b], hereby order:-
Form of Register.
1.      (1)      The Open Market Housing Register ("the Register") shall be maintained in electronic form.
(2)      The Register shall be available for inspection from the States of Guernsey website.
(3)      The Register shall contain the following information in respect of each dwelling inscribed in it –
(a)      its Cadastre number,
(b)      its Register reference number,
(c)      the Part of the Register in which it is inscribed,
(d)      its address,
(e)      the name of its owner,
(f)      the address of its owner, and
(g)      any additional information or remarks in respect of its inscription.
Notification of alterations and change of use.
2.      The owner of a dwelling inscribed in the Register who intends to alter that dwelling, whether structurally or by way of change of use, shall inform the States Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure in writing of the nature and extent of the proposed alteration at least seven days before it is proposed that the work to effect the alteration should commence, together with such information and plans and other documents as may be necessary to illustrate or clarify the alteration.
3.      In this Ordinance, "change of use" includes the combination of two or more dwellings so as to be used as a single dwelling and the use of a single dwelling or making a single dwelling usable as two or more dwellings, and other expressions have the same meaning as they have in the Open Market Housing Register (Guernsey) Law, 2016.
Citation and Commencement.
4.      This Ordinance may be cited as the Open Market Housing Register Ordinance, 2017, and shall come into force on the 3rd April, 2017.


Item II of Billet d'État No. VI of 2017.


Order in Council No. VII of 2016.