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Reform (General Election) (Sark) Ordinance, 2017

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The Reform (General Election) (Sark)
Ordinance, 2017
THE CHIEF PLEAS OF SARK, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by sections 25(3) and (5) and 29(6) of the Reform (Sark) Law, 2008[a], hereby order:-
Date of further general election.
1.      (1)      The date for a further election, pursuant to section 25(3) of the Reform (Sark) Law, 2008 ("the 2008 Law"), to fill 5 vacancies remaining due to an insufficient number of candidates having been nominated for the general election due to be held on 14th December, 2016, shall be 5th April, 2017.
(2)      The date for a further election if required in the event of an equality of votes shall be 19th April, 2017.
Date of closure of register.
2.      The Register of Electors shall close, pursuant to section 29(6) of the 2008 Law, on 3rd March, 2017.
3.      (1)      The Interpretation (Guernsey) Law, 1948[b] applies to the interpretation of this Ordinance.
(2)      Any reference in this Ordinance to an enactment is a reference thereto as from time to time amended, re-enacted (with or without modification), extended or applied.
4.      This Ordinance may be cited as the Reform (General Election) (Sark) Ordinance, 2017.


Order in Council No. V of 2008; amended by Nos. VI and XXVII of 2008; No. XIV of 2010; No. XII of 2011; No. XI of 2014 and No. IX of 2016.


Ordres en Conseil Vol. XIII, p. 355.