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Guernsey Judgment 1/201328.01.2013Tostevin & Tostevin v Newhouse & NewhouseRoyal CourtApplication for leave to appeal the final decision of a single arbitrator, appointed to resolve a dispute between the owners of neighbouring properties. Leave granted.
Guernsey Judgment 2/201323.01.2013 & 01.02.2013Kevin John Holland v The Law Officers of the CrownRoyal CourtAppeal to firstly determine the constitution of the Royal Court to hear the appeal and secondly the substantive appeal against conviction. Appeals dismissed.
Guernsey Judgment 3/201301.02.2013De Putron and De Putron and De PutronRoyal CourtApplication to determine whether the first defendant is debtor to the estate and to determine the financial position between the first and second defendant.
Guernsey Judgment 4/201311.02.2013Dervan et al & Concept Fiduciaries Limited et alRoyal CourtApplication to set aside the transfer of shares and payment of the funds on the grounds of mistake.
Guernsey Judgment 5/201312.03.2013Michael Anthony Falla & Mandy Jane Falla v The Law Officers of the CrownCourt of AppealAppeal from the sentences imposed by the Royal Court - conspiracy to transfer the proceeds of drug trafficking and being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of the prohibition on importation of goods.
Guernsey Judgment 6/201312.03.2013Darren John Le Gallez v The Law Officers of the CrownCourt of AppealAppeal from the sentences imposed by the Royal Court - making indecent images of children
Guernsey Judgment 7/201320.03.2013Toor v Butterfield Trust (Guernsey) Limited & others, & Braude, Liebeck & RuttenbergRoyal CourtException de Fond.
Guernsey Judgment 8/201303.04.2013Toynton (as former liquidator of Whitecliff Investments Limited) & The Registrar of CompaniesRoyal CourtApplication to restore a company to The Register of Companies.
Guernsey Judgment 9/201315.04.2013Propinvest Group Limited et al & Maud et al; AND Propinvest Group Limited and MaudRoyal CourtTwo applications to consolidate two civil actions
Guernsey Judgment 10/201326.03.2013Jackson and Dear et alRoyal CourtDerivative action - strike out application.
Guernsey Judgment 11/201317.04.2013Jefcoate & Jefcoate v Spread Trustee Company Limited et alRoyal CourtApplication to amend clause
Guernsey Judgment 12/201324.05.2013José Marcelino Gouveia Pinto, Bruno Miguel Loreto, Ruben Filipe Capontes Almeida and The Law Officers of the CrownCourt of AppealApplication for leave to appeal against conviction and sentences for rape
Guernsey Judgment 13/201315.01.2013Smith and Atlantique Holdings Ltd Court of AppealRespondent's application for security for costs. Appellant's application to adduce fresh evidence.
Guernsey Judgment 14/201305.06.2013Smith and Atlantique Holdings Ltd Court of AppealAppeal against decisions of the Royal Court to evict the appellant from the Atlantique Hotel for late payment of rent and eviction on the basis that the leave had been terminated by reason of fire damage.
Guernsey Judgment 15/201305.06.2013Sandwith v FallaRoyal CourtApplication for summary judgment
Guernsey Judgment 16/201311.06.2013Emerald Bay Worldwide Limited v Barclays Wealth Directors (Guernsey) Limited et alRoyal CourtApplication for damages arising due to a claim of breach of directors' duty of care, diligence and skill.
Guernsey Judgment 17/201321.03.2013T – In the matter of the C Trust and in the matter of Section 69 of The Trusts (Guernsey) Law, 2007Royal CourtApplication for relief pursuant to section 69(1)(a)(i) and (iv) and 2(b) of the Trusts (Guernsey) Law, 2007, and/or the inherent jurisdiction of the Court.
Guernsey Judgment 18/201326.06.2013Perpetual Media Capital LimitedRoyal CourtApplication for determination of preliminary issues as to whether the Defendants are entitled to invoke indemnity or exemption provisions from which they benefitted as directors.
Guernsey Judgment 19/201326.06.2013Tchenguiz v Investec Trust (Guernsey) LimitedRoyal CourtApplication by the Defendant to strike out the Plaintiff's amended cause dated 9th December, 2011
Guernsey Judgment 20/201303.01.2013In the matter of “C”Royal CourtAn appeal from a decision of the Juvenile Court on an appeal from the Child, Youth and Community Tribunal
Guernsey Judgment 21/201311.07.2013Dean John Hardy v Law Officers of the CrownCourt of AppealAppeal against conviction for the importation of methanone and application for leave to appeal sentence
Guernsey Judgment 22/201318.07.2013The United States Securities and Exchange Commission and EFG Private Bank et alRoyal CourtApplication pursuant to rule 37(1)(b) of the Royal Court Civil Procedure Rules, 2007 to be added as a further respondent
Guernsey Judgment 23/201322.07.2013Montenegro Investments Limited and the matter of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008Royal CourtCompany in administration - application for scheme of arrangement
Guernsey Judgment 24/201301.08.2013Forrest v The Minister of the States of Guernsey Housing DepartmentRoyal CourtAppeal under Section 56 of the Housing (Control of Occupation) (Guernsey) Law 1994 against a decision of the Housing Department
Guernsey Judgment 25/201309.08.2013Tostevin & Tostevin and Newhouse & NewhouseRoyal CourtAppeal against Arbitrator's final award
Guernsey Judgment 26/201305.09.2013In the matter of an application by Robb Evans & Associates LLC, receiver over Battoo et al and Anchor Hedge Fund LtdRoyal CourtApplication for an order granting the respondents permission to appear and file evidence in support of the respondents' opposition to the recognition application
Guernsey Judgment 27/201316.09.2013X v Law Officers of the CrownRoyal CourtAppeal from the Juvenile Court against conviction in respect of three specimen charges of indecent assault
Guernsey Judgment 28/201311.09.2013Stephen Dale Risbridger v Law Officers of the CrownCourt of AppealAppeal against sentence imposed by the Royal Court on seven counts of being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of the prohibition on importation of goods (controlled drugs).
Guernsey Judgment 29/201308.10.2013Paul Robert Jeffreys v Law Officers of the CrownCourt of AppealApplication for leave to appeal against sentence imposed by the Royal Court on 3 January 2013 for the importation of fentanyl patches.
Guernsey Judgment 30/201323.10.2013Dr Eberhard Braun as Insolvency Administrator of Walter Marketing GMBH & CO KG & Brantridge Estates LimitedRoyal CourtTwo applications: i) Plaintiff sought order that his action be restored to the Rôle des Causes en Preuve pursuant to rule 86(b) of the Royal Court Civil Rules, 2007 - action became périmée before the end of 2010; and ii) Defendant applied for the Plaintiff's action to be struck out pursuant to rule 52 of the 2007 Rules.
Guernsey Judgment 31/201328.10.2013Newmarket Holdings (Guernsey Limited v Musa Holdings LimitedRoyal CourtApplication for summary judgment pursuant to rule 19 of the Royal Court Civil Rules, 2007.
Guernsey Judgment 32/201310.09.2013In re FCourt of AppealAppeal from an order made in the Royal Court on 30 May 2013 concerning a family trust.
Guernsey Judgment 33/201306.11.2013Law Officers of the Crown v Dean John HardyCourt of AppealApplication by the Prosecution for a confiscation order of the alleged proceeds of drug-trafficking under section 2 of the Drug Trafficking (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2000, as amended.
Guernsey Judgment 34/201306.11.2013EFG Private Bank (Channel Islands) Limited and BC Capital Group SA (in liquidation) et alRoyal CourtApplication dated 6 June 2013 by the Ninth Respondents, as subsequently amended, for a stay of Interpleader Proceedings commenced in March 2013 and for an order that assets held on behalf of the Fifth to Eighth, Tenth to Sixteenth and Eighteenth Respondents be released into the custody and control of the Ninth Respondents for the purposes of the conduct of the liquidations they are carrying out in respect of each of those other Respondents.
Guernsey Judgment 35/201316.12.2013Propinvest Group Limited (in administration) v Glenn MaudRoyal CourtAction for debt.
Guernsey Judgment 36/201323.12.2013In the matter of Batoo et al and in the matter of an application by Robb Evans & Associates LLCRoyal CourtApplication for an Order recognising an appointment as Receiver.
Guernsey Judgment 37/201331.12.2013Musa Holdings Limited v Newmarket Holdings (Guernsey) LimitedRoyal CourtApplications for leave to appeal, extension of time and stay
Guernsey Judgment 38/201306.12.2013Investec v GlenallaRoyal CourtBreach of Trust
Guernsey Judgment 39/201308.03.2013M and FRoyal CourtApplication by the mother seeking a specific issue order pursuant to section 17(1)(c) of the Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law, 2008 to enable the child to be removed permanently from the Bailiwick to France, and application by the father for a shared residence order if the child was to stay in Guernsey.